"Every organism is looking for another organism to survive, the same applies to man and chicken"  Koen Vanmechelen

The Open University of Diversity (OpUnDi) is an intellectual space unifying the three projects of Koen Vanmechelen: The Cosmopolitan Chicken, The Walking Egg and the CosmoGolem. It is a think tank, a meeting place for people to discuss the core themes that are found in Koen Vanmechelen’s work: biological and cultural diversity, identity, hybridity and other scientific, political, philosophical and ethical issues. It is a global network of innovative minds and thinkers, a space for intellectual cross-pollination, a breeding place where innovative ideas find space to hatch. And the OpUnDi is always on the move, just like Koen Vanmechelen.

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Visit the Open University of Diversity during an exclusive guided tour

On the 14th of september, the Open University of Diversity is participating in the Heritage Open Days. The biggest Heritage festivity of Flanders will take place for the 26th time, with a focus on heritage in the past, present and future. On this occasion Vanmechelen’s studio in the old gelatine factory will be accessible to the public during an exclusive guided tour with stops at CIA...

Renaissance meets cosmopolitanism, Koen Vanmechelen at New Narrative for Europe, Berlin (DE)

For the final assembly of the project ‘New Narrative for Europe’ Koen Vanmechelen had the opportunity to share his thoughts and express his vision for Europe. President Barroso and Chancellor Merkel hosted the event at the Akedemie der Künste in Berlin, where artists, intellectuals and scientists joined the debate on the future of Europe.

Happy 2014!

After an extremely productive and gratifying 2013, we are keen to dive into all the new possibilities 2014 holds. You can take a look at our calendar and see for yourself it is already bursting with exciting new upcoming projects. Starting with an exposition in an age-old castle in Chimay, Koen will move on to a solo exhibit in France, a prestigious expo in Taiwan, and many more.

Although we are busy making plans, we also look forward to the many 'happy accidents' 2014 will surprise us with: new ideas to develop, artworks to create, and friends to meet.

Supporting 'De Box'!

OpUnDi, the Open University of Diverity, is as always thinking out side of the box.
That's why we are fully supporting the project De Box - Inside Out!

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20 December 2014

The 20th of December, the night before the winter solstice, Vrijzinnig Limburg is organizing its second edition of De Bijna Langste Nacht (the Almost...

14 September 2014

On the 14th of september, the Open University of Diversity is participating in the Heritage Open Days. The biggest Heritage festivity of Flanders will take place for the 26th time, with a focus on heritage in the past, present and future. A 165 cities and municipalities will open the doors to their monuments, landscapes and archaeological sites. The wide range of activities on offer is sure to provide something interesting for everyone, including the very youngest visitors and their families.

27 August 2014

On Wednesday 27th of August 2014, the Green Growth & Travelism (GG&T) Summer School organizes ‘Maurice Strong Reflections Evening’ at...

18 June 2014 - 20 June 2014

The Academy for Information & Management (AI&M) is a spin-off organization originating from the University of Amsterdam. Their raison d’être is in the strong belief that up-to-date management education and training should be rooted in the encounter of reflective learners, mirrored in its adage “Taking learners seriously”. 

21 February 2014

Professor Anton Zeilinger, a pioneer in quantum physics, invited Koen Vanmechelen to give a lecture at the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology about his work. During this lecture, he will talk about the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project and the Open University of Diversity by introducing the audience to a world characterized by a symbiosis between art, science, philosophy, politics and ethics.

6 February 2014

The collaboration between Koen Vanmechelen and Innocenti was a big success. For this year’s campaign at least 8500 T-shirts were sold. A few T-shirt buyers were extra lucky and won a studio visit at the Open University of Diversity in Hasselt.

13 October 2013

On Sunday October 13, Kunst Privé invites private art collection in Flanders and Brussels to open up there doors for the main public. For the first time, the general public is allowed a sneak peak in some of the most important private art collections of more than 25 different companies, private collectors and musea.

13 September 2013 - 15 September 2013

After the successful first edition in 2011, slib vzw organises for the second time Alternate Current at the ‘KunstSite Gelatinefabriek’. During this weekend, the various artists, music bands and art centres welcome an Euregion audience. 

28 February 2013

On February 28, Koen Vanmechelen opens his studio, the Open University of Diversity, for the closing night of the campaign against “loneliness” of the “Bond zonder Naam”. Koen Vanmechelen features as one of the testimonials of their latest campaign that was set up to break the taboo against loneliness.

Bond zonder Naam organises a debate about the role of art in the struggle against loneliness. Afterwards there is an auction where you can bid on exciting experiences like living room concerts, photo-shoots and many more.

Want to attend this evening? Subscribe via the following website: http://www.erbij.be/nl-BE/kunstveiling-debat/veiling-en-debat/

Date: February 28 at 7.30 pm.

Location: Open University of Diversity
                Armand Hertzstraat 35
                3500 Hasselt 

21 February 2013

Koen Vanmechelen opens his studio for the launch of KriZoom, the expertise network on cultural education in Limburg. Together with Vitamine C, KriZoom organises a ‘Bruispartij’ to celebrate the launch. Koen Vanmechelen and Soheila Najand will be your guide in a journey on multi-identity and the role of cultural education.

How can the Cosmopolitan Chicken contribute to the task of cultural educators? Are cultural citizens, like the Cosmopolitan Chicken, not born, but created? The lectures given by Sohiela Najand, artist and artistic leader of the Stichting Interart in Amsterdam, and Koen Vanmechelen try to give answers to these questions.

21 February 2013 - 28 February 2013

On the 29th of January; the Open University blew out his very first candle. With a dozen events at the studio in 2012, the concept of bringing people together from different disciplines proved to be a great success. So also this year, OpUnDi will open its doors to create fruitful soil for innovative thinking. Starting with two social initiatives;

On February 21, Vitamine C organises a ‘Bruispartij’ to celebrate the launch of KriZoom, the expertise network on cultural education in Limburg. On this evening, Koen Vanmechelen and Soheila Najand will guide you through the journey of multi-identity and the role of cultural education.

One week later, on February 28, we welcome “Bond zonder Naam’ for the closing night of their latest campaign against loneliness in which Koen featured as one of the testimonials. At the same time, an auction is organised to raise money for their local projects.

Both events are open for public, but registration is required;

Bruispartij, 21/02/2013, 6PM

Bond zonder Naam, 28/02/2013, 7.30 PM

8 September 2012

Koen Vanmechelen is invited by the Nanjing Agricultural University to give a lecture about the Open University of Diversity and his projects.

2 June 2012 - 31 August 2012

During Manifesta9 the Open University of Diversity will host ‘Hotel De Inmigrantes’, a project that relates to the history of migrations and presents the exodus of different people and individuals all over the world.

For Hotel De Inmigrantes Curator Tomasz Wendland will realize a series of projects – exhibitions and meetings of artists – all over the world (e.g. New York, Montevideo, Singapore and Buenos Aires) that will enable a confrontation between individuals of different origin in local and different contexts. Each of these projects are an autonomous event, with a specific subtitle, so various aspects of identity of the human being lost as a part of a global village can be researched.

16 November 2011 - 17 November 2011

For the Creativity World Forum 2011, Koen Vanmechelen presents ‘Nato a Venezia’, an installation based on his expo at the 54th Biennial of Venice.


18 August 2011 - 20 August 2011

 In collaboration with the University of Hasselt, visitors of the Pukkelpop-festival will be invited to take part in one of the studies that is currently running in Venice during the solo expo 'Nato a Venezia' in the 54th biennial. This study aims to link phenotypical diversity with genetic diversity. Come and let your picture taken at the UHasselt stand and learn more about the study and OpUnDi. 

4 June 2011 - 27 November 2011

Born in Venice - Open University of Diversity a contemporary manifestation on the borderline of art and science Istituto Veneto di Scienze Letter...

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