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Just as ‘New Brood’ encompasses all Koen Vanmechelen's different crossbreeding projects, the ‘Open University of Diversity’ (OpUnDi, 2012) combines the different Foundations that originate from Koen’s work. But it is more than this: The Open University of Diversity is Koen Vanmechelen’s intellectual platform and forum, with the objective to create an inclusive community of innovative minds and thinkers around the topic of biocultural diversity, the central theme of Koen’s oeuvre. OpUnDi has become a think tank and a meeting place for cross-pollination. Scientists, philosophers, artists and other experts from different domains are invited to make the OpUnDi community stronger and more diverse. Debates, symposia, conferences and expert meetings are organized and informed by the works of art that will be on permanent display. OpUnDi serves as an intellectual space where art and sciences can intersect.

As such, OpUnDi does not have one fixed location. It will always be on the move. Its inauguration took place during the 54th Venice Biennale in the library of the Palazzo Loredan, the historic seat of the Institute of the Sciences, Letters and Art. The official opening in Belgium was held at the beginning of 2012. Since that day, OpUnDi has not only found a home in La Biomista in Genk, it has also branched out to Detroit and Havana and is constantly searching for opportunities for new platforms in the rest of the world.

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