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A selection of recent press articles.

Press article Artribune, Socrates Temptation, exhibition ‘IMAGO IUSTITIAE’, at the Museo Correr, Ven

Press article Artribune, Socrates Temptation, exhibition ‘IMAGO IUSTITIAE’, at the Museo Correr, Venice (IT), 9 June 2023

Schermafbeelding 2022-06-28 om 11.28.15

Kulturjournal, Was können wir von Tieren lernen?, 20 June 2022


The Cosmopolitan Chicken on the cover of Finestre Sull Arte

Artribune - 10 May 2022, article on exhibition Murano, Venice

Artribune - 10 May 2022 - article on exhibition Murano, Venice


Monocle magazine on places to visit in Belgium, summer 2021

Launch Glasstress

Article on the launch of the exhibition “Glasstress. A window into the future” in the state hermitage, St. Petersburgh

Interview in De Morgen Magazine, 2021

Interview with Koen Vanmechelen on his art, the pandemic and LABIOMISTA in De Morgen Magazine, 2021

ORF, llama winter

Austrian national television reports on llama winter and Xavier Saelens' research for a medicine agains covid-19

Het Journaal on LABIOMISTA

National news reports on Vanmechelen's focus on community work

Kulturzeit on corona and art

Kunst, Ernährung und Corona with ao Jonathan Safran Foer and Koen Vanmechelen

Hoe maakt u het, culture club

Interview with Koen Vanmechelen on Culture Club, national radio

Llama Winter, Het Belang Van limburg

Interview on llama winter in Het Belang Van Limburg


Knack reports on Vanmechelens MOUTH Mask project


L’artista Koen Vanmechelen e la “profezia” del coronavirus

The Battery Channel, VRT nws

National news reports on The Battery Channel

De Standaard on the MOUTH Mask
La Republica

La Republica on THE WORTH OF LIFE, oct 2019

Het Belang van Limburg

Het Belang van Limburg on THE WORTH OF LIFE, oct 2019

Studio Internationale, 2019

Studio Internationale, 2019

ArtStyle Magazine, 2019

ArtStyle Magazine, 2019

De Morgen Magazine, 2019

De Morgen Magazine, 2019

La Vanguardia, 2019

Bélgica: de los murales de Tintín a los pollos de LABIOMISTA.

Nu te Zien

Nu te Zien, Avrotros, 2019

Der Künstler und sein Öko-Park

Arte Tv, 2019


Review of NRC on Food:Bigger than the Plate, V&A, London (UK), 2019


Initiation Human Rights Pavilion, Biennial of Venice (IT)

Permanent Egg

Permanent installation CWRM egg, De Standaard, 9 April 2019


Fundraising for Poverello on VRTnews, 25 march, 2019


Focus Art Magazine

SNC Russia

Vizitka, SNC Russia, OCT 2018

Metropolis Magazine

Metropolis Magazine visited LABIOMISTA, Jan 2019


Wallpaper* on LABIOMISTA

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-28 om 10.43.32.

Builders Facts about LABIOMISTA p.14-23

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-28 om 10.35.36.

CWxRM, November, 25th, 2018

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-28 om 10.12.04.

The Guardian about CWxRM, November 1st, 2018


Article on LABIOMISTA, Nov 2018


artwork Koen Vanmechelen at the National Museum of Ethiopia


Incubated Worlds, Ethiopia

Die Zeit


De Tijd, 14.04.2018

De Tijd, 14.04.2018

Psychologies magazine, April 2018

Psychologies magazine, April 2018

Playing Chicken With the Art World, The New York Times, OCT 26, 2016

Der Tagesspiegel, 28.03.2018

Der Tagesspiegel on CWRM


ComingWorldRememberMe on the National news

VRT news on CWRM

Land art installation remembering WWI

Het Belang van Limburg
De Standaard

Koen Vanmechelen's Black Medusa on the cover of Parnass

MO*, JULY 21, 2017

Interview in MO* magazine on art, human rights and nature


july 2017

Socle du monde

art - das kunstmagazine, JULY 2017


Socle du Monde Biennial, HEART, Herning


Brotes Creativos, July 2017

La Libre Belgique about The Beauty of The Beast, 30 MAY, 2017

About the CCP on Digi 24 (Romania), 25 MAY, 2017


Klara about The Beauty of the Beast, 23 MAY 2017

De Redactie

De Zevende Dag about The Beauty Of The Beast; exhibition in Hingene (BE), 21 MAY 2017

FAD magazine

FAD Magazine about the Venice Biennial highlights, 15 MAY 2017

Deutsche Welle

Highlights of the Venice Biennial 2017 on Deutsche Welle, 13 MAY 2017

De Tijd

De Tijd about Venice Biennial 2017

De Standaard

De Standaard about the Venice Biennial 2017 - 8 MAY 2017

Venice Biennial 2017 at VTM Nieuws

Koen Vanmechelen on VTM Nieuws about Protected Paradise, his work for the Venice Biennial 2017 - (from 39'00 onwards)

Venice Biennial 2017 at De Redactie

Koen Vanmechelen on De Redactie about Protected Paradise, his work for the Venice Biennial 2017.

Diplomatic World

Koen Vanmechelen's article in the Spring edition of Diplomatic World 2017

Socle Du Monde Biennale Denmark

Socle Du Monde Biennale Denmark, Apollo Magazine, APR 28, 2017

Ik Trap Gewoon Door

Ik Trap Gewoon Door, De Redactie, 18 APR, 2017

Touché, Radio 1

Touché, radio 1, 19 FEB, 2017


CBC Q Radio, DEC 14, 2016


An Artist Crossbreeds Chickens as a Metaphor for Global Exchange, HYPERALLERGIC, NOV 2016

The Future depends on the Cosmopolitan Chicken, Art World, June 2013

Tableau Fine Arts Magazine, p 14, June 2015

Wiener Zeitung

Wiener Zeitung, Morphologie des Huhns, 10 SEPT, 2013

Het ei, de kip. Levende systemen in de kunst. De Groene Amsterdammer, 24 OCT 2013

Londres expone el arte mundial motivado por Kubrick,, July 5, 2016

Exhibition Review, Art in America, May 2013

Wyborcza, Biennial of Moscow, 2009


The Washington Post, Returning to Paradise, Egg by Egg, 03 MAY, 2013

Schermafbeelding 2016-11-14 om 09.56.43

DELO, 26 April, 2013 Koen Vanmechelen: The Cosmopolitan Chicken Project,

Art on the Wild Side, The Times, 14 JULY, 2000

What's up in Genetics, Janus, 2001

Modern Farmer, Creating Cosmopolitan Chickens one hybrid at a time, June, 2013

Playing Chicken With the Art World, New York Times, October 26, 2016

Het Laatste Nieuws, p.18, January 30, 2015

Fragile strenght - H ART on Glassfever at Dordrecht, DordtYart, June 2, 2016

Breeding a Better Chicken in the Name of Art (and Science),, September 2, 2016

What Happens When An Artist Thinks Like a Scientist? Better Chicken,, September 23, 2016

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