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Koen Vanmechelen at Pukkelpop

BARAQUE FUTUR AT PUKKELPOP: EXPERIMENT IS HEADLINING Will robots soon take over the world? What's the point of pandas? Should we fear the end of planet earth? Will mankind move to space? What stuff do we put in our mouths? Are social media a curse or a blessing? And are there any limits to science? Besides experimenting, you're also welcome to discuss the future at Baraque Futur. With pitches, keynotes and panel discussions on various topics. One of our moderators is Cyril Kortleven, an internationally acclaimed speaker and author. These are just a few of our speakers: Ish Ait Hamou, Kamal Kharmach, Gili, Frank De Winne, Arnoud Raskin, Koen Vanmechelen and many more! Who knows, you may even have the opportunity to engage them in conversation! More on


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