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AWAKENER/LIFEBANK, Glassfever, DordtYart

From 1 May until 25 September 2016, four locations in the city center of Dordrecht (NL) focused on the innovative use of glass in contemporary art under the heading of Glassfever - Contemporary Art in Glass. As one of the main artists, Koen Vanmechelen transforms the old factory hall of DordtYart in a paradise; an ecosystem of different races and species. Slowly, this garden will glaze since glass mushrooms, plants and seeds will replace the living material. This process will start during the opening when Vanmechelen and the glass maestro’s from Berengo Studio work together on the installation. The initiative of GlassFever arose from a partnership between the Venetian Berengo Studio and Dordrecht. It shows artworks in glass by more than seventy international artists, spread over four locations: DordtYart, Dordrechts Museum, Huis van Gijn en Dordts Patriciërshuis. Also the city center of Dordrecht will be immersed in Italian spheres. Besides AWAKENER/LIFEBANK, Instead of Sleeping is also presented in DordtYart. At Dordrechts Museum, Artificial Crossbreeding and The Walking Egg were on show as well.

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