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WHITEHOT MAGAZINE: Belgian Artist Koen Vanmechelen Answers the “Chicken or the Egg” Riddle and More

If you’re thinking that the CCP, which has the power to enrich communities across the globe, both artistically and nutritionally, while providing an emotional and scientific model for the clear evolutionary benefits of diversity, inclusion, and empathy, is the first art show in a while to subtly and effortlessly court the Nobel Peace Prize, you’re not alone. This might be one of the most important art initiatives in the history of the planet. The truth is, most art is simply a reflection of an individual thought or an exploration of a singular ego or as Koen so brilliantly puts it, “Art is a trash bin of your own frustrations.”

In 2016, as we see people close off and compartmentalize themselves, and this means artistically as well, it’s important to discover new methods and metaphors to help dissolve the negative cultural architecture built around our real and presumed differences. The natural, instinctual drive that pushes us as a species inherently compels us to diversify. Closing our minds, hearts and our borders is a perversion of the laws of nature.

“The opposite of love is not hate, but fear,” says Vanmechelen. “I see it in nature. Love is a translation of procreation. And fear is a natural thing. If you fear something, then you are blocked and to give is very difficult. This is what we are facing. It’s a difficult story.” WM


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