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The Accident, XY - 10 Years GlazenHuis, 6 MAY - 17 SEPT, 2017, Lommel (BE)

The tenth-anniversary exhibition entitled ‘XY’ – ‘X’ for 10 and ‘Y’ for years- at the Lommel GlazenHuis is the glass museum’s twenty-fourth show. GlazenHuis has invited twenty-four artists and designers to demonstrate up-to-date uses of glass within the field of fine and applied arts in Belgium.

Ten years after having had the honour of doing the opening exhibition, Vanmechelen returns with his work The Accident; a taxidermy chicken with a glass sword. A work symbolizing the fragility of life.

“One of the recurring elements in my work is the use of glass. Central is the concept of transparency. It allows me to clarify and reflect upon hidden realities and give them a place in my oeuvre. Glass is also important as it is a living material, brought forth by the four elements, earth, water, air, and fire, which used to combine art and science. This pre-Christian belief connects the glass work with ancient traditions and philosophies. Also important: a glass work is never the result of an individual, it is always teamwork, a synthesis of ideas and experience.”

With an impressive list of artists on display, GlazenHuis underlines the relevance of the material of glass in contemporary art. The wide array of artists who agreed to participate can also testify to the reputation our museum has built up during the past decade.

Curator: Jeroen Maes

Production: © GLAZENHUIS

PARTICIPANTS: Anna Torfs, Ann Veronica Janssens, Christine Vanoppen, Cindy Wright, Gauthier Pierson, Hans Op De Beeck, Ilse Van Roy, Jan Fabre, Karen Vermeren, Karin Borghouts, Klaar Prims, Koen Vanderstukken, Koen Vanmechelen, Kristof Vrancken, Lieven De Boeck, Linde Hermans, Lore Langendries, Maria Dukers, Mariken Dumon, Nel Verbeke, Peter De Cupere, Sylvie Vandenhoucke, Warner Berckmans en Wim Delvoye.


6 May - 17 September, 2017

Het Glazen Huis

Dorp 14b

3920 Lommel


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