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Are you passionate about the power of visuals towards social change?

Last week, Koen Vanmechelen statue, Collective Memory was inaugurated at the Global Campus of Human Rights providing a visual marker to society about the importance of Human Rights.

The EIUC’s Global Campus is now calling professional and amateur photographers and videographers to leave their own visual social mark, by applying to their Visual contest

This year’s theme is about “Memory and Reconciliation”. All videographers and photographers are invited to reflect upon how the past, present and future can contribute to the understanding and fight for Human Rights?

The winner will win 2 weeks at the renowned Italian communication research centre Fabrica, potentially leading to a scholarship. Furthermore, they will receive special mentions by partners such as The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Entering the competition, your work will be judged by an internationally jury with some of the most renowned photographers and photojournalists. It also provides the opportunity to be part of a network of artists, intellectuals and professionals all passionate about strengthening democracy, human rights and peace.

Deadline: Beginning of September 2017

For more information:


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