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Vision of the Owl, galerie valerie Bach, 8 SEP - 4 NOV, 2017, Brussels (BE)

On the occasion of Brussels Gallery Weekend's 10th edition, Valérie Bach Gallery is pleased to present Koen Vanmechelen's first solo exhibition at the gallery. His work has already been presented by the gallery during the collective exhibition "Force of Nature" curated by James Putnam in 2016 as well as in the current group show "Summer in the city" that will end on July 20. This exhibition entitled "Vision of The Owl" is also curated by James Putnam. The title proposes that this show can be perceived through the eyes of the owl whose vision is peripheral. Although it can only look forwards, the owl is able to turn its head nearly 360 degrees, which has led to a folklore belief that it has supernatural powers. Its ability to predict weather conditions has also inspired people to think that it can foretell the future or that when an owl is sighted it means a change is coming. In the context of this exhibition, the owl evokes associations with myth and magic but in a wider sense reflects the climate of uncertainty surrounding the current state of world affairs. 'Vision of the Owl' is about conflict and how our society is dealing with it, a theme that Koen Vanmechelen explores using metaphors he has drawn from his vast experience of working with the animal world. Catalog available

Curated by James Putnam

EXHIBITION FACTS 8 September - 4 November, 2017

Galerie Valerie Bach

rue Veydt 15 1060 brussels belgium

t +32 (0)2 533 03 90 m +32 (0)486 296 839

Open from tuesday to saturday, from 11am to 6pm Closed on sunday and monday


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