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Ecovention Europe, 3 SEP - 7 JAN, De Domijnen, Sittard (NL)

“Ecovention Europe” complements Museum De Domijnen’s particular focus on artists who imaginatively tackle real-world issues like gender, racism, and ecological concerns from water-borne illnesses to species depletion, environmental injustice, and restoration.

This exhibition will highlight over 40 artists and collectives from 13 countries working in a range of media to resolve or shine a light on environmental crises across Europe. European artists have worked this way for nearly sixty years, yet “Ecovention Europe” will be Europe’s first museum exhibition to explore real-world projects implemented in 16 European countries by artists whose goals are first and foremost ecological.

Curated by Sue Spaid (US) and Roel Arkesteijn.


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