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COQ, MuséoParc Alésia, Musée et Parc Buffon, 28 APR - 30 NOV, Côte d'Or (FR)

Located in the department of Côte d'Or, in the area of North Auxois, the Muséeet Parc Buffon of Montbard and the Museoparc Alésia organize jointly a two‐part exhibition on the theme of the rooster.

Approaching this popular and emblematic domestic animal in a complementary way; the Musée et ParcBuffon focusses on the scientific and naturalist aspects while the symbolic aspects from Antiquity are central at the Muséoparc Alésia.

Through Vanmechelen's living art and breeding projects, the chicken is revealed as both an aesthetic construct and a metaphor for society.


28 April - 30 November, 2018

Two locations;

Musée Buffon de la Ville de Montbard

MuséoParc Alésia

Catalogue available

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