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Under Pressure - Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Join the Dots, Trieste (IT), 30 MAY - 2 S

In the summer of 2018 Imago Mundi travels to Trieste: from 29th May to 2nd September, the exhibition “Join the Dots / Unire le distanze” will be hosted in the Salone degli Incanti, ex Pescheria, the city’s splendid exhibition space overlooking the sea.

Join the Dots is an exhibition of 40 collections: it is an invitation to join the dots by following the red thread that unites the 40 collections on show. Trieste, which has always been a centre for the exchange of ideas and trade, is the starting point for an itinerary of land and sea, which takes us from the shores of the North Sea to legendary Baghdad, from sunny Morocco to the Danubian steppes, from Baltic beaches to the Negev desert. All thanks to the kaleidoscope of images proffered by the works of over 6,300 artists. In addition, Join the Dots is a series of meetings and events that will animate the summer in Trieste, with a calendar of activities that is currently being defined.

Vanmechelen created Under Pressure for the collection;

A glass egg is nudging against one of the walls of an iron cage. Its oval transparency stands in stark contrast with the rigid structures of the construct. It wants out and puts pressure on the cage that restricts it and at the same time has been giving it its exceptional position. Museums were meant to create art into the public sphere, now it must take the public space into art. This puts this system under pressure and questions its position in society. Art manifests itself best from the inside to the outside. Art, like an egg, is always looking for the right place and time to hatch. It needs air, light and warmth. It needs the world.

For more information, visit the Imago Mundi website


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