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944 Handen, Hofke van Chantraine, Oud-Turnhout (BE), 15 DEC - 20 JAN 2019

Hofke van Chantraine dedicated its end-of-the-year exhibition to the theme of hands. '944 Handen' lets the hands communicate their story for a change. "Not only eyes, but also hands are the mirror of the soul. They narrate the past, the profession, someone's character and what this person does with his hands. They are a biography".

Koen contributes with an art piece called 'Domesticated Giant'. One marble hand,holding a chick. It symbolizes questions such as: 'Do we open or close the hand that holds the promise of a sustainable future?', 'Do we crush or embrace life?'. In this way Koen also designates a big responsibility to the hands.

Exhibition Facts


15 DEC - 20 JAN, 2019

Thursday - Sunday, 13h30-17h

Hofke van Chantraine

Kerkstraat 45

2360, Oud-Turnhout

Free Entrance

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