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BRAFA Art Fair, Guy Pieters Gallery, Brussels (BE), 26 JAN - 3 FEB, 2019

BRAFA is one of the leading European art and antiques fairs. With a consistent focus on high quality, authenticity and diversity, the fair offers treasures of classicism, modern & contemporary art and design, covering more than 20 specialities. Last year, BRAFA Art Fair welcomed 65,000 collectors and art lovers from across the world to discover 5 millenia of art history in an elegant and friendly atmosphere…

Guy Pieters Gallery is showing a series of new works by Koen Vanmechelen under the title 'Between jungle and Civilization'.

Between jungle and civilization

The fragile balance between wilderness and civilization, between human and non-human, can only be maintained if nature, as well as culture, are considered and recognised as universal and inalienable human rights. Art can play an essential role in bridging the divide between those seeming opposites.

Koen Vanmechelen


BRAFA Art Fair

26 JAN - 3 FEB, 2019

Tour and Taxis, Brussels (BE)

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