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Happy Holidays!

The world as we know it is in transition and more than ever art is needed to make a bridge to new perspectives and solutions for co-existence with other communities, societies, cultures, and with other species. The world of yesterday is history. In 2018, the topics that have been surfacing in my oeuvre for almost two decades, dominated the global and local perspective. Diversity, transformation, domestication, the rights of humans and children, and also the creation of meeting places, an intersection, to name a few. Suddenly we found ourselves in the future. The desire to bridge, a calling, drove me to places all over the world. Finland, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Lebanon, and Flanders Fields, those were the highlights. I started 2018 making two massive paintings, I end this year looking ahead to the opening of LABIOMISTA in June 2019. I sincerely hope to meet you there.

Happy Holidays. Koen


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