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LABIOMISTA, Bozar, I Love Science Festival, Brussels (BE), 26-28 APR, 2019

BOZAR invites artist Koen Vanmechelento create the entrance marker at the “I Love Science festival”.

By bringing together and exploring the interplay between art, science and philosophy, Vanmechelen reflects on our global heritage and examines the way that we choose to live and evolve. Multi-disciplinary scientific collaborations and community engagement are integral to his approach. The key concepts in his art are fertility, biocultural diversity, identity, (de-)domestication and human rights.

These vital threads come together in his multifaceted project; LABIOMISTA, meaning “mix of life”. A 24ha evolving artwork in the city of Genk (BE), it captures the trajectory of Vanmechelen’s practice and establishes new opportunities for collaboration and dialogue on some of the most pressing and challenging social issues of contemporary society.

Placed in the middle of society, among the people, LABIOMISTA shows the way to new insights: a cosmopolitan renaissance.

“We are in a revival of a cosmopolitan renaissance where we make the combination again between imagination and knowledge. We need art and science to make a connection. Out of this we can create new things for the future.”

– Koen Vanmechelen

EXHIBITION FACTS Fri 26 apr 2019 09:00→ 16:00

Sat 27 apr 2019 10:00→ 18:00

Sun 28 apr 2019 10:00→ 18:00

Brussels Expo Free entrance

Special thanks to Thomas, Hasselt

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