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Cosmogolem project, Chile, 2019-2020

Chile will become home to a new Cosmogolem.

The project connects two remote rural areas in Chile by establishing a network and a bridge between two communities, while spreading the message that art, for everybody, is a Human Right.

On the 1st of August 2019, the Cosmogolem statue will be inaugurated at the Cultural Park in Valparaiso, in presence of the artist Koen Vanmechelen, teachers and children from the neighbouring communities.

As a preparatory project; his smaller brother – a mini version of the Cosmogolem – will travel to the different communities from the first of April onwards. This little Cosmo will stay 3 weeks in each school and inspire teachers to organize workshops focused on improving children's writing and reading skills. Each class will write a letter for the next school. As such, the Cosmogolem also serves as a mail carrier, connecting the different school communities. After visiting Poza Verde school, Casas de Huaquén, Casas Viejas, Pullancón and Valle Hermoso, he will meet up with his big brother at Parque Cultural.

In may 2020 the Cosmogolem will travel to its next destination; the Human Rights Museum in Santiago before he finds his final stop at a public school in Temuco.

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