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LABIOMISTA open to the public

On the 6th of July, LABIOMISTA, the remarkable evolving artwork by Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen, opened its gates. Vanmechelen’s ‘pregnant site’, a unique collaboration with the city of Genk, already attracted world press to Zwartberg.

Daring and ambitious, LABIOMISTA is much more than an art project. With the site, Koen Vanmechelen wants to offer the ingredients for the birth of a possible new society. With a strong focus on community development and human rights. “As a powerful cross-pollination between art, science and society, LABIOMISTA is a beacon of hope, “says the Belgian artist. “It’s an ode to he mix of life.”

More than 4300 people attended the very succesful openings weekend.

Visit the LABIOMISTA website for more information.

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