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COSMOCAFE, UNDER PRESSURE, Art & Food Festival, Turku (FI), 5-8 SEPT, 2019

Food and Art Festival Turku brings together food lovers, wine enthusiasts and culinary professionals from all over the world. The festival program offers food & wine experiences as well as art exhibitions and meaningful discussions.

Artist Koen Vanmechelen has been invited to create a site specific installation; Under Pressure. The multimedia installation presents guests of Chef's Menu dinner with the possibility of a new sustainable reality.

The festival program also includes Vanmechelen's Cosmocafe discussion, which is part of the Human Rights project. Through art, science and communal settings, the project calls for cross-disciplinary public debate, research and social evolution. As the Cosmocafe World Tour lands in Turku, thinkers and dreamers, visionaries and realists will sit down at one table to share their views on human rights and responsibilities, local and global. Representing different fields and perspectives, we are challenged to find a common ground.

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