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Documentary on artist Koen Vanmechelen on CANVAS, 27 OCT, 22h05

"Wild Gene", a 70min documentary by Joris Gijsen on Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen, gives a unique insight in the studio practice of one of the most prominent Belgian artists of the last decade.

For six years, Gijsen followed the artist on his work trips around the globe, revealing what drives the artist’s relentless energy and his many encounters. Wild Gene reveals how the artist constantly broadens his philosophical foundation through remarkable contacts with scientists such as Jean-Jacques Cassiman, architect Mario Botta, international curators, thinkers, and indigenous communities.

CANVAS, 27 OCT, 22h05 Directed by Joris Gijsen, produced by Savage FIlms Original music by Poltrock

Missed the live episode - until the 26th of November, you can view the documentary online via VRT.NU


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