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OUT OF FOCUS - OC d'Annexe, De Haan (BE) 01 July - 31 August 2020

Visibility indicates understanding or misunderstanding.

To be seen or not to be seen. Understandable or unintelligible. Everything stands and falls with focus.

In this installation, the viewer determines which perspective he or she wants to take and for what reason. Abstraction or reality?

A black rooster with glass legs and a glass comb depicts a realistic image, crowned with fragility. The fragility is invisible and, by definition, out of focus. His pride and strength are clearly visible features. These ingredients represent a complexity from looking to seeing.

The large canvas bears feathers, grain, and eggs, signs of living material.

The abstract drawing on the painting is an explosion of energy, a moment of creation — the Big Bang.

Is the rooster the eye of the storm or a mere black hole expanding in the universe?

Everything depends on whether your lens is in or out of focus.

To look is to experience, to see is the art.

Exhibition Facts

Ontmoetingscentrum d’Annexe Leopoldlaan 24, De Haan 01/07/2020 – 31/08/2020 10 – 12h and 14 – 17h Free entrance


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