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Tom Van Dijck and Koen Vanmechelen in Vive La Vie, at LABIOMISTA

On July 14, Vive La Vie, a talkshow on national television, landed at LABIOMISTA. Guests Tom Van Dyck and Koen Vanmechelen were invited by Karl Vannieuwkerke to talk about art, nature and culture. And about the diversity of life.

Van Dyck and Vanmechelen have been friends for many years, connected in their passion for nature and art.

During the show Koen also takes Tom on the road, through Genk on a step and guides him around the city, visiting among others the allotment gardens of Zwartberg and neighboring Nomadland.

We are also introduced to moth ambassador Bart Van Camp, who shines a light on the incredible diversity that hides in plain sight.

With music by Astrid Stockman.

(Re)Watch Vive La Vie via VRTNU until August 13.

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