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Koen Vanmechelen at Mindblowers, VUB, OCT 13

Scientists and artists are the visionaries of society - they stick their necks out. Once again KVS and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) organise Mindblowers and give the stage over to their voices and heartbeats.

For the fourth year running, VUB and KVS are kicking off the new season and academic year together with Mindblowers. A powerful signal boosted by our shared commitment to social awareness. Because tomorrow’s society won’t be built from our own little caves of righteousness, but from a place of dialogue and a search for interconnection.

Artists and scientists will be exploring a theme in brief, surprising, urgent and fiery interventions. This year our theme is BEAUTY, a fascinating concept that artists and scientists have been drawn to for centuries. How do we define beauty and why can art, body and nature be aesthetically pleasing? How does beauty change, what does it teach us, and how can we understand and capture it in art and science? What is the role of beauty in the political discourse and in visions for the future? What does beauty mean in times of crisis? Can it keep us afloat? How do we build a future steeped in beauty and justice, together?

Performances at the crossroads of art, culture and reflection


Free De Backer en Peter de Cupere

Ilse Smolders

Jean Charles (link Thierry Boutemy)

Amira Daoudi


Laurent de Sutter en Koen Vanmechelen

Yassin Mrabtifi

Jean Paul Vanbendegem



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