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Panel discussion, Chicago/SOFA's virtual art fair

Friday, November 6, is the first day of Intersect Chicago/SOFA's virtual art fair, with that day's programming dedicated to glass. As part of this program, AACG's Meetup that day at 1 p.m. Eastern time will be a special program open to the public: AACG will host a panel discussion on The Merging of Contemporary Glass With Contemporary Art. The moderator will be AACG President-Elect Larry Sibrack. Panelists will include Koen Vanmechelen representing Glasstress and Fondazione Berengo of Venice, Italy; Kristin Qualls, WheatonArts Director of Exhibitions and Collections, representing the Emanation program; and artist Tim Tate representing 21st Century Contemporary Glass.

Watch the recording on the Intersect Chicago/SOFA website.


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