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Our 2023 recap and best wishes for a balanced 2024!

Discover the highlights of our 2023.

A year marked by a rollercoaster of contrasts and formidable challenges, a year that unfolded with striking complexity. Amidst the ups and downs, we carved out moments that spoke of resilience and love. Looking ahead to 2024, we chose to embrace happiness. Hope persists, casting its steady glow upon the canvas of our future.

Watching the zebras in Zimbabwe, cousins of the ones at LABIOMISTA, we see how they represent balance, agility, clarity without filters, and a sureness of path. Their distinctive black and white stripes are associated with harmony, mirroring the Eastern yin-yang symbol—the blending and balancing of opposites. Let's follow their inspiration in 2024.

Thank you for the past 12 months of love and faith.

Koen, Chido & Team



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