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A Soft Gentle Breeze, Villa Les Zéphrys, Westende (BE) 05 JUNE - 03 OCTOBER 2021

With 'A Soft Gentle Breeze' the summer of 2021 brings a fresh breeze to Westende. Not only in Villa Les Zéphyrs and the Saint Theresa Chapel, but also in the immediate surroundings, the former rose garden seems to be blooming again. Outside becomes inside and inside seems to be a backdrop for what is happening outside. The proximity of the playful sea, an enchanting garden, a fountain of buckets, stained glass windows and toys. The flags flutte the colors light up and the flowers bloom like a gentle breeze in your head. Through art, the west wind awakens, the wind personalized by Zephyros, who could make nature smile and breathe again. Just what we need.

Curator Els Wuyts selected three works from Vanmechelen; Carried by generations”, The Accident” and “Therianthropy”. Together they form “the circle of life”. Therianthropy, the taxidermied chameleon with glass head, shows how the fragile body carries the transparency of life. A hybrid born out of accidents in time and bred in a nest, formed by the past.

Featuring artworks by Zeli Bauwens, Marcel Berlanger, Tom Bogaert, Dieter Daemen, Wim Delvoye, Inge De Zutter, Laure Forêt, Evelien Gysen, Oliver Laric, Rebekka Sarah Löffler, Benjamin Moravec, Veronika Pot, Joke Raes, Kato Six, Koen Vanmechelen, Robin Vermeersch, Klaus Verscheure.

Exhibition Facts

Opening hours:

June and September: Monday through Saturday from 9h30 till 12h30 and from 13h30 till 17h; Sunday and bank holidays from 9h30 till 12h30

July and August: daily from 9h30 till 12h30 and from 13h30 till 18h

Please reserve a timeslot for visiting by calling 059 31 91 28


Villa Les Zéphrys

Henri Jasparlaan 173

8434 Middelkerke




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