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Cosmopolitan Chicken Project (CCP), Spacefarming: Future of Food, Eindhoven (NL), 24 Sept - 23 Mar

Next Nature Network invites Koen Vanmechelen and his Cosmopolitan Chicken Project (CCP) to the expo "Spacefarming: Future of Food. In the iconic Evoluon (Eindhoven), Spacefarming reveals the food revolution that awaits us on planet Earth and beyond. The expo shares ideas and innovations from scientists, food technologists, designers, philosophers and artists including Vanmechelens' Cosmopolitan Chicken Project, among others.

The number of people on Earth is growing rapidly: there will be about 10 billion of us by 2050. More food will be needed than our planet can produce. Will we then grow our food in space or on another planet? In a spectacular exhibition design of spatial domes, the expo "Spacefarming: Future of Food" combines some surprising ideas and innovations from scientists, food technologists, farmers, designers, food startups, philosophers, producers, designers and artist around food possibilities in space. Visitors are taken into alternative worlds with diverse perspectives and opportunities for our food.

"We are at the beginning stages of a new food revolution. The ideas we are showing here are just the tip of the innovation mountain. It gives me confidence that by 2050 the world will be able to feed 10 billion people." — Koert van Mensvoort, director of in Next Nature

Within the 'ANIMAL' section, Spacefarming looks at the manufacturability of (farm) animals: from Herman the GM bull to Dolly the cloned sheep. Vanmechelens' Cosmopolitan Chicken Project is presented there in a unique, digital and interactive form. In addition, visitors can discover, among other things, Margaret, a stainless steel cow from Those Vegan Cowboys that produces vegan milk. Other highlights include potatoes grown on a Martian soil by space biologist Wieger Wamelink (Wageningen University) and the art installation Cellular Alchemy by noted food futurist Chloé Rutzerveld that completely turns the food experience of humans on its head.

"Man created a framework, a frame around the wild animal, changing the essence of this bird. Breaking the cage creates energy, future and evolution. The chicken, that is us." — Koen Vanmechelen, artist

Exhibition facts

Spacefarming: The Food of Tomorrow

24.09.23 – 23.03.24


Noord Brabantlaan 1A 5652 LA Eindhoven

Tuesday-Saturday 10.00 - 17.00h Sunday 12.00 - 17.00 uur Closed on Monday



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