Expo Cosmopolitan Renaissance, Knokke, Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord, 29 October 2022 - 15 January 2023

Since 17 May 2022, 'The Walking Egg' has been gracing the entrance to Cultuurcentrum Schardpoord in Knokke. The iconic 900-kg sculpture announces Koen Vanmechelens' solo exhibition Cosmopolitan Renaissance, which opens at the end of October 2022 in Scharpoord, curated by art historian Jo Coucke. Cosmopolitan Renaissance will consist of an exhibition of drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations and videos in Scharpoord's upper and lower galleries, as well as performances, outdoor installations, lectures and collaborations with MAAK - Open House for Arts and Zwin Nature Park.


The Walking Egg, a marble sculpture of an egg on legs, symbolises Vanmechelen's continuous search for the right places and the best moments to let his evolving vision of the world and its future hatch. Cosmopolitan Renaissance shows the result this autumn. Knokke-Heist is the incubator.


With Cosmopolitan Renaissance, Vanmechelen seeks an answer to the questions concerning the future of our species: how should mankind proceed? How can we as humans coexist sustainably with other species while respecting the environment of even the smallest creatures? Over the past thirty years, the artist has travelled the world. From primitive peoples such as the Masai to the skyscrapers of Mumbai: Vanmechelen looked for the pieces of his world puzzle.

"A cosmopolitan renaissance can arise from new ideas, merges and connections, exploring new borders. - Koen Vanmechelen

The exhibition Cosmopolitan Renaissance shows those pieces and inspires answers. Various basic ingredients from Koen Vanmechelen's artistic universe merge into new stories: "From new ideas, merges and connections, exploring new boundaries, a cosmopolitan renaissance can arise," says Vanmechelen, with an unmistakable nod to the historical Renaissance. He sees in art the unique, ideal means to create new stories of connection; connections between people and between people and the world.

"Because the relationship between globally operating man and his biotope has to be constantly fine-tuned in order to find a liveable and sustainable balance for everyone and everything, Koen Vanmechelen creates an art that consciously attacks the old artistic and cultural codes. He is an exemplary artist of and for our time and world. - Art historian Jo Coucke


Knokke-Heist has always exerted a special attraction on artists, architects, sculptors and painters. The municipality is therefore honoured that Koen Vanmechelen has chosen the seaside resort as his next stop after his highly acclaimed passage in Florence. This time for his exhibition Cosmopolitan Renaissance. With more than 80 galleries, exclusive art in the public space and Culture Centre Scharpoord as a base for exhibitions by internationally renowned artists, Knokke-Heist crowns itself as the perfect breeding ground for art.

Exhibition Facts

Cosmopolitan Renaissance

Koen Vanmechelen

29 October 2022 - 15 January 2023

Cultural Centre Scharpoord

Maxim Willemspad 1, 8300 Knokke-Heist

Opening hours: Mon - Fri 8:30h - 17:00h

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