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Facts to Act - Hannah Arendt Institute , OCT 29TH, Congres center LAMOT, Mechelen (BE)


Facts to Act

How do you make science impactful? How do you ensure that scientists, politicians, professionals and citizens take action together?

By bringing them together in lectures, debates and workshops. You focus on facts and actions as the goal. You let the guests speak and listen, until they come up with solutions for doers to work with in our cities and municipalities. That's what we do at Facts to Act.

But the conversation only really makes sense when all opinions are put on the table. Come join the conversation, think and act. During the day we organize a study day, in the evening there is a more entertaining program. You can register for the day and/or evening program.

Doing nothing is an option, but is it yours?

For more information and registration visit the Hannah Arendt Institute website



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