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Golden Cord, Panta Rhei, Octave Landuyt 100th birthday, De Mijlpaal (BE), 18 Dec ’22 - 12 Mar ‘23

On December 26, 2022, Belgian multidisciplinary artist Octave Landuyt celebrates his 100th birthday. Reason why De Mijlpaal is planning a jubilee exhibition called ‘Panta Rhei’. The group exhibition brings together different innovative artists and bridge builders, in the spirit of Landuyt. Also Koen Vanmechelen is invited to enter into dialogue with Landuyt’s work.

Vanmechelen is showing one of his Golden Cord sculptures; a series of hybrid works of phantasmagorical, composite animals. They carry a golden umbilical cord that extends out of their body. This so-called Golden Cord is an antenna, a horn, a connection as well as a breakthrough. It reveals that these animals were born out of a change of environment. The Cord connects both environments, and they always wear it. Serendipity is omnipresent. The golden element shows that the umbilical cord is indispensable.

Exhibition facts

De Mijlpaal, Heusden-Zolder 18/12/2022 – 12/03/2023 Fri, Sat, Sun; 14h and 18h, and on appointment From 23/12 to 8/01/2023 open daily between 14h – 18h Closed on public holidays

Participating artists

Octave Landuyt

Koen Vanmechelen

Nedda El-Asmar

Camiel Van Breedam

Hubert Minnebo

Lore Langendries



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