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Koen Vanmechelen invited as keynote speaker 100th jubilee Radboud University Nijmegen (NL), 19 Oct

This year the Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen celebrates its 100th jubilee, and the Faculty of Management Sciences its 35th. The university honors these jubilees with different activities, including a symposium on diversity and inclusivity on 19th Oct 2023. Reason why, they asked artist Koen Vanmechelen as a keynote speaker.

The Chickens Appeal

During the symposium Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: grand challenges, Vanmechelen will give a unique approach with his lecture entitled Biocultural Diversity: The Chickens Appeal, touching the subjects of biocultural diversity and inclusion, and explaining the social function of art in an always evolving world. Over the years, 'the chicken and the egg' have become symbols that enable connection between scientific, political, philosophical and ethical issues. Within these themes, Vanmechelen also collaborates with scientists from different disciplines.

General information

Radboud University Nijmegen

Nijmegen School of Management

Symposium Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: grand challenges

Elinor Ostrom building

Koen Vanmechelen ­— The Chickens Appeal

Other speakers: Roy Jakobs, Stella Nkomo



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