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Koen Vanmechelen invited by Sociale Innovatie Fabriek Brussels (BE) to join social awareness debate

On 26 January 2023, Koen Vanmechelen is invited by Sociale Innovatie Fabriek in Brussels to give a lecture on social innovation, behavioral change and actions for an audience of activist-entrepreneurs. How can art and creative entrepreneurship bring people to new insights and thus generate social added value? After, he will join a panel debate with 3 activist-entrepreneurs on behavioral change.

Sociale Innovatie Fabriek is an initiative that accelerates promising social innovations and empowers those who start innovative and impactful solutions to social challenges in an entrepreneurial way to scale their impact.

Panel participants

Koen Vanmechelen, artist

Paulien Verhaest of BLOMMM

Jeroen Vereecke of Robinetto

Lieven D'hont from Peerby


  • 9h00: reception with coffee

  • 9h30: lecture by Koen Vanmechelen

  • 10h15: panel discussion with Koen Vanmechelen and the activist-entrepreneurs, on betting on awareness and behavioral change

  • 10h45: Q&A with the audience

  • 11h10: Chat with other tilters of the system

General information

Sociale Innovatie Fabriek Brussels

Cellebroersstraat 16b 1000 Brussels Belgium

26 januari 2023 09h30-12h00



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