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Koen Vanmechelen unveils 4-metre-high Cosmogolem at youth aid organisation in Kessel-Lo

Artist Koen Vanmechelen has already built more than 40 Cosmogolems around the world, and on 4 June 2023, a new sculpture was festively inaugurated in Kessel-Lo, Belgium. The 4-metre-high children's rights giant landed in the garden of youth aid organisation Monte Rosa, where children and young people can share their dreams and wishes in the wooden hatch near its heart. A host of enthusiastic volunteers helped building the giant of hope and friendship.

Cosmogolem lets youth dream

With the proceeds from the successful seventh edition of an art exhibition at Ijzerenberg, youth aid organisation Monte Rosa decided to install a work of art this year; a 4-metre-high Cosmogolem by Koen Vanmechelen. The Cosmogolem is a socially engaged artwork that empowers children and young people and defends their rights around the world. The giant travels around the world, connecting local communities and giving children a voice by inspiring them to create, for example, poems, stories, dances or other (art) forms. In this way, they can express feelings and thoughts they would otherwise find difficult to express, and dream together about their future.

Art as connection

Monte Rosa places the Cosmogolem out of a desire to connect with the school and the youth movement, in order to create a lasting effect that does full justice to the work of art.

In the context of youth aid, the Cosmogolem forms a beacon of peace and confidence for young people who need it. In Monte Rosa's garden, it awaits their ideas and wishes.

Watch the report on the inauguration on ROB TV here.



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