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LABIOMISTA presents 2023 campaign image, themed ‘Movement’

We are excited to announce the new campaign image that artist Koen Vanmechelen created for the 2023 season of LABIOMISTA. The artwork re-opens again on April 1st under the theme Movement.

In the photo, a ballerina dancer embraces two white swans. Subdued, the trio awaits the pooling of their energy. The image refers to this year’s central theme Movement. At the same time, it also hints at the swans living at the back of the park, on the pond of Protected Paradise.

Moving Pairs

Two wild swans

Entwined around a dancing figure

Their movement spread out in

Patterns of beauty and purity

Unity in diversity in duality

Propelling birds

Energy to take off

Its only evolutionary option: moving towards change

Where will they take it

Which place and time

For a mysterious renaissance

A rebirth

Illuminating the darkness in all its dimensions

This is the fifth season of LABIOMISTA, as the park opened in 2019. The ever-evolving artwork takes you into the unique vision of artist Koen Vanmechelen and his life's work on identity, fertility & biocultural diversity.

General information

Opening 2nd April 2023

Tickets binnenkort bereikbaar via:

The photo was created at Studio Leyssen Photograph

The swans died a natural death


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