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Riders on the Storm, Performance, Grand-Casino Knokke (BE),12 Nov 2022

Being swept away by a perfect storm. Enchanted by powerful visions that mingle with Magritte's dream images. That is Riders on the Storm, a must-experience multimedia performance in the Magritte Room of the Grand Casino Knokke. This shamanic total experience is created by Koen Vanmechelen and is part of his Cosmopolitan Renaissance; an out-of-the-box exhibition that unfolds as a total experience this fall in Knokke-Heist. In the exceptional context of the Casino, under the cloud-blue eye of René Magritte, the spectator for four hours becomes part of a unique, multidisciplinary and dazzling installation that plays on all the senses. With haunting musical interventions led by B-Classic, with an three-course lunch specially created by the Boxy's, and with overwhelming word and image interventions by Koen Vanmechelen. 360-degree projections drag you through a perfect storm. A spirited duel between Magritte's "The Enchanted Empire" and Vanmechelen's fantastic mindscapes. In a surreal setting, somewhere between tension and relaxation. It becomes a magical quest along different dimensions; man - animal, water - desert, dark - light, and finally to the beginning of a resurrection. A Big Bang. A revelation. A rebirth leading to a rediscovery of the world. A Cosmopolitan Renaissance can begin.

10h30: doors open + apero 11h30: start performance (incl lunch*) 15h00: end of performance + coffee 15h45: doors close Attention: Places are limited Ticket price: 130 euros pp (includes 3 course lunch*) *The menu was developed based on the performance. A vegetarian option is available. Please let us know your preference when booking.

Line up

Koen Vanmechelen: artist Muziekproductie: B-Classic met

Hantrax, elektronica, piano Adilia Yip, marimba Michiel De Malsche, sound design, elektronica Vieze meisje (Maya Mertens), spoken word Maya Dhondt, piano Liew Niyokarn, sound designer Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, zang Laurens Mariën, producer, percussie Aurealma, harp

Catering: Douglas & Boxy’s

In co-production with Cultuurcentrum Scharpoord supported by Linda & Guy Pieters


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