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Studio Koen Vanmechelen - LABIOMISTA welcomed EU ministers, 8 Feb 2024

On Thursday 8th February, Studio Koen Vanmechelen and LABIOMISTA welcomed the EU ministers with industry and internal market portfolios, and their delegations. The informal top was organized in Genk in the context of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU.

The EU delegations were welcomed at LABIOMISTA; Vanmechelens evolving work of art celebrating the mix of life. Built on the foundations of the mining past, the 24-hectare park with Vanmechelens (living) artworks and installations, make universal societal topics such as diversity and human rights concrete and turns them into conversation pieces. As such, it serves as an interesting place for the European industry to discuss the challenges of the future, and to find ways to contribute to the development of innovative solutions to societal issues.


Art as oxygen for life


With LABIOMISTA and The Battery, the artists wonder lab and studio, Vanmechelen creates a place that invites, challenges, and inspires to think about the current society, and the society of the future. Based on the belief that art serves as oxygen for life. We were honored to welcome the informal during their visit in Genk.


The top was presided by Minister Brouns and Minister Dermagne. During the evening, speeches were given by Minister Brouns,  mayor of Genk Wim Dries, Stijn Bijnens, the CEO of Cegeka, and social entrepreneur and wife of Koen Vanmechelen, Chido Govera, who spoke about their work, their vision on international cooperation and how they see the future of the European Union.



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