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Vesta, Animal Textile, TAMAT, Doornik (BE), 25 March – 10 Sept 2023

Koen Vanmechelen is invited with his artwork ‘Vesta’ for the exhibition ‘Animal Textile’ in the ‘Musée de la Tapisserie et des Arts Textiles de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles’. The central idea behind the expo is the exploration of the theme of the animal by comparing a selection of ancient and modern tapestries of TAMAT’s collection with contemporary works, such as, VESTA, an immense chicken portrait of the artist.

‘Animal Textile’ focuses on the role of the animal in art. “The place of the animal in art is predominant, as well as protean; yet these living creatures have not always been distinguished by specialists who have often preferred analysis of the men and women in the foreground of the works,” states art historian Marion Duquerroy; “However, if we shift our gaze, as this exhibition proposes, real or fictitious fauna can be seen to weave a solid and generous link between the medieval and contemporary periods. From 15th and 16th century Tournai tapestries to the art of contemporary artists, the works in this exhibition force the viewer to become aware of the variation of the animal form but also of their unwavering presence. It will no longer be possible to ignore them.”

Vesta - CCP In this installation, Koen Vanmechelen presents several colossal portraits of deceased chickens from his global breeding process, the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project. Their genes live on in the next generations and in the Cosmopolitan Chicken, the ultimate hybrid that will combine the genes of all chicken species on our planet.

The gigantography of the bird is frozen in time in the icy perfection of the profile and in the exact rendering of the anatomical details. It deliberately recalls the type of portrait reserved, in art, for the celebration and consecration to the perennial memory of important figures of human history.

Participating artists

Andrin Caroline - Chamaret Lydie - Coenraets Florence - Collin André - Crunelle José - Deltour Louis - Dizier Christine - Dubrunfaut Edmond - Forces Murales - Fortuné Maïder - Francken Frans - François Michel - Gobe Jérémy - Gossye Dolores - Krakowski Julie - Paparella Juan - Progin Jérôme - Ransy Jean - Salaud Julien - Van Kessel Jean - Vanmechelen Koen - Vaubourg Valérie - Wysocki Elodie

Exhibition info

Animal Textile

25/03  10/09

Place Reine-Astrid 9

7500 Doornik, Belgium

Tel.: +3269234285

Opening times (winter):

09h30 – 12h00

14h00 – 17h00

Closed on Sunday morning and Monday



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